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Pre Home Buying Termite Inspections

Termite inspections

Termite inspections are incredibly important when purchasing a home, as depending on the severity of damage, the price can be significantly affected. Hiring a licensed termite inspector such as Quality Pest Control is always recommended when buying a home, as most homeowner insurance policies do not cover termite damage. Most traditional home inspectors do not possess qualifications to perform a thorough termite inspection in the home, which is why a specialist is always recommended. We’re here to help! Call us today at (614) 600-2893 to set up your inspection appointment!

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It’s a great feeling to know your home has no termite infestation and is protected from risk with regular maintenance. Get that peace of mind for your home by scheduling a termite inspection with us today. Connect with us through the website, or give us a call at (614) 600-2893.
Termite inspections

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We understand that each home has different ant extermination needs. Because of this, we offer a variety of maintenance plans to keep your home free of termites and other pests. In addition to our one-time services, we provide quarterly, bimonthly, and monthly maintenance to ensure your home is always safe and free of ants and other pests.
Take advantage of our ant extermination services and live peacefully once again. You won’t worry about ants in your cereal or ants eating away at the structure of your home. Embrace the comfort of a pest-free home with our help.

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Since 1983, we have served the good people of Columbus, OH, and we plan on serving you for years to come. We use our experience to provide comprehensive pest control services to give you peace of mind.
Discover what Quality Pest Control in Columbus, OH, can do for you. Call (614) 294-2847 to schedule our ant extermination services today.

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