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You rely on your food supply, including stored grain, in your home to make delicious and fulfilling meals. So when pests invade your pantry and infiltrate and potentially ruin your food, you shouldn’t ignore them. Instead, turn to Quality Pest Control tohandle all stored grain insectsin Columbus, OH.
What Are Common Stored Grain Insects?
A variety of insects can make their way into your stored grain. For example, you might find the:
  • Lesser grain borer: These nasty pests lay their eggs outside the grain and damage wheat, corn, and cereal.
  • Rice weevil: These pests lay their eggs inside the grain, and then the hatched eggs further damage the grain. These pests can live up to several months.
  • Rust-red flour beetle: These beetles live up to a year and can produce up to 1000 eggs inside the grain. They then use the grain and cereal as food.
  • Warehouse moths: This moth lays its eggs on the grain’s surface, but the eggs then weave around the grain as a cocoon.
Whatever pest has invaded your stored grain, we can provide the pest control you need.
What Are Signs of Stored Grain Insect Infestation?
How can you know that your stored grain is compromised? Look out for the following signs:
  • Dust
  • Sweet and musty scents
  • Holes in grains
  • Webbing around grain or equipment
If you’ve noticed any of these in or around your stored grain, call us immediately to fix the issue.
How Can We Help?
We know the frustration you must feel at the sight of ruined grain or numerous pests in your grain. That’s why we want to provide quality protection and future prevention. We’ll examine the damage, identify the pest, provide the treatment, offer prevention tips, and come back to treat as needed. We offer quarterly, bimonthly, and monthly maintenance plans for potential repeat treatments.

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We understand that each home has different ant extermination needs. Because of this, we offer a variety of maintenance plans to keep your home free of stored grain insects and other pests. In addition to our one-time services, we provide quarterly, bimonthly, and monthly maintenance to ensure your home is always safe and free of ants and other pests.
Take advantage of our ant extermination services and live peacefully once again. You won’t worry about ants in your cereal or ants eating away at the structure of your home. Embrace the comfort of a pest-free home with our help.

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Since 1983, we have served the good people of Columbus, OH, and we plan on serving you for years to come. We use our experience to provide comprehensive pest control services to give you peace of mind.
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