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We all know that fleas affect dogs, cats, and other pets. They aren’t healthy for your animals. But did you know that when they get in your home, that can cause a host of problems for you and your family as well? Quality Pest Control knows about fleas and their dangers, and we also know how to get rid of them. Contact us today for flea treatment in Columbus, OH, if you’ve noticed this problem.
Dangers of Fleas
If you own any pets, especially a dog or cat, you’re at risk of fleas. But what’s the big deal with these tiny pests? Because fleas can find safe places in your home to hide while not biting your pet to suck their blood, and because they can bite you in addition to your pet, you need to hire a pest control company to handle any infestation you have.
While flea bites are normally simple annoyances for humans, they can cause serious damage to your pet. Bites cause itches that your pet will scratch at, which opens their skin and invites infection in. Fleas can also carry tapeworms and certain diseases. Look for unnatural itching, red patches of skin, hair loss, or pale gums as symptoms that your pet has fleas.
If you’ve noticed fleas on your pet, around your home, or even on yourself, contact us today for professional flea treatment.

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If you’re concerned about a problem reoccurring, we offer bi-monthly and quarterly maintenance plans as well. We’ll stop by whenever you need us to in order to keep your home completely pest free. Call us today at (614) 294-2847 to set up an inspection with our licensed professionals.

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