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Stored Grain insects Pest Control

Radon Inspections

If you own a home in Columbus, OH, you should think about radon-level tests. Radon levels are high in the Columbus, OH, area, and many homes are infiltrated by this odorless, invisible gas.

Carpenter Ants Pest Control

Termite Treatment

Termites are one of the most insidious infestations you can have on your property. They are destructive and can cost you a lot of money and headaches if they burrow into your home.

Ground Beetle Pest Control

Termite Inspections

Termite inspections are incredibly important when purchasing a home, as depending on the severity of the damage, the price can be significantly affected. 

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At Quality Pest Control, we are more than just exterminators; we are dedicated guardians of your home and business against the invasion of pests. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for safeguarding your environment, we provide comprehensive pest management solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

Concerns of Recurring Pest Issues?

If you’re concerned about a problem reoccurring, we offer bi-monthly and quarterly maintenance plans as well. We’ll stop by whenever you need us to to keep your home completely pest-free.

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If you suddenly wake up with itchy, red spots every morning, bed bugs could be the culprit. These blood-sucking insects are most active at night, which is when they make their way into your bed. Because these bugs are so small, they can be hard to find and eradicate. The fastest and most effective way to rid your home of these pests is with the help of a professional bed bug exterminator.
If you’re looking for a bed bug exterminator in Columbus, OH, you’ve come to the right place. Quality Pest Control has eliminated pests from homes, businesses, and institutions since 1983. No matter how serious your infestation is, we can provide an effective solution and help you keep the pests from coming back.
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We’re ready to help you get rid of pests at your home or business. Call Quality Pest Control and schedule an appointment with our uniformed, licensed and professional technicians today!

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